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Name: Allie Coetzee

Nicknames : run-Alie-run, Pacer

DOB: 31 March 1971

Place of Birth : Pretoria

Height: 1.76m

Weight: 79kg

Strengths: Anything flat

Sport back ground: Specialist track Athlete 400 M Hurdles. Provincial Champ U19, U23 and seniors with the bragging rights of a sub 50 sec 400Meter Hurdels. More recently more of a participator than a competitor. Finished 6 x Ironman. Slowly start to be more competitive again with the Expert help of Dawid.


Career: Involved with several Sport Apparel agencies. Use to be involved in Sport Massage. Worked at Fancourt Golf Estate with several International Golfers. Moved to Cape Town and Started Practising more in Cycling. Was involved with the National Track Cycling Squad and accompanied them on several World cup and World Champ races over the World. Was also involved with several international teams that have visited our Country.



Human Movement Science

Sport and Therapeutic Massage.