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IT’S ABOUT THE SHOES......or isn’t it?

Recently I was reminded more that most runners don’t know their most important tools for their trade....their own bodies.

It’s human nature to find the fault with someone or something else, but let’s face it; sometimes the problem is closer to home than you think. Most injuries occur when an athlete’s body is not conditioned to withstand the abuse you put it through and then the first thing that gets blamed is the shoes.

It’s not very seldom that a shoe can give you an injury unless if you were put in the wrong type of shoe, e.g. you develop an ITB injury due to the fact that you a neutral runner and you were put in an anti-pronation shoe. The reason I say this is even between different brands of shoes your body adapts to the shoes over a period of time, you have no idea how versatile your body is and how much it can withstand.

Evolution is a real fact, if you don’t believe me just go check the history books, and in every day of training and recovery your body goes through its own type of evolution. The restructuring of your body, breaking and building of muscle fibres, are your personal way of evolving. If this wasn’t true how would bodybuilders build muscle and how else do you develop strong quad and calf muscles to propel yourself on your way to a PB.

What I’m trying to get at here is that most injuries occur due to some imbalance in your body, it might be alignment or muscular imbalances, but that for the biokinetisists, chiropractors and other professionals to figure out.

I would suggest seeing some professional that has studied in a sports field to assess your problem before blaming the poor shoes for being the culprits, shame they are just made to protect, cushion and make your running experience more comfortable. I must be honest I have never met a shoe that was out to injure someone; none of them are part of a malicious group.

Remember each brand offers something different when it comes to fit, cushioning and ride experience so try them on in the store and pick the one that feels most comfortable on your foot, not the one that looks the coolest.

ASICS is the biggest running brand in the world and make the shoes that most runners find the best when it comes to cushioning and comfort, so look out for the newest models due to hit the shelves mid to end July.

GEL-Nimbus 13:

ASICS best selling neutral model, suitable for neutral runners seeking a high mileage neutral shoes that can withstand the bigger athlete or runners with a heavy foot strike.

The big upgrades in this very popular model is the new Clutch counter, holding the heel just as well as the conventional heel counter, if not better , but with significantly less weight.

It still offers GEL in the Heel and Forefoot, but with a softer ride as a lighter more cushioned rubber was used for the outer sole. This model you can expect an approx 20g weight reduction, measured on a size US 9 men.

Improved guidance line flex groove in the outer and midsole sole  to help slow the onset of fatigue, as the shoe flexes and guides your foot in the most natural possible way.

The midsole still offers the light weight SoLyte material which is full length lasted to offer more cushioning and bounce back.

The upper you can still expect a comfortable ride with the Asymmetrical lacing system, following the curvature of the foot, a padded tongue and discrete eyelids for a better lacing pull over the foot.

All in all a supreme neutral cushioned shoe that will offer the athlete the ride he would expect from ASICS, the Japanese don’t do all this research for nothing.

Available mid – end July 2011, depending on the weather and sea conditions, in D and 2E fit.